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Elayne Asher interviewed by Kaitlen Smith, thirteen year old Granddaughter, about exponential success in the modern world.

Date:  20 November 2021 – Out of the Mouths of Babes, my most difficult interview to date

Location –

Kaitlen:  Why do you help so many people?

Elayne:  By my nature I am fascinated by people; I’ve always had a passion for reaching out to people and offering to guide them to their betterment by displaying compassion and leadership.   We are all the very best us and totally unique, we all need love to thrive and grow. I get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to offer kindness and support to empower a person.

Kaitlen:  How do you stay healthy and looking so youthful?

Elayne:  Health is a combination of discerning nutrition some exercise and a positive mental attitude – Authenticity! As part of my self-discovery I was introduced to a Mastermind Experience which connected likeminded positive people from around the world. We remain in contact to this day and continue to “pay it forward” as you know I always say “what we give we receive, life is a mirror”.

Youthfulness is a mental and visual approach, it’s necessary to take the time for yourself to be still both mentally and physically to ensure clarity of your journey. Beauty comes from within and the world sees what it chooses celebrate everything around you.   Happiness is success.

Kaitlen:  You have spoken of influence being important; who has influenced your journey?

Elayne:  The rebel in me is my greatest influence – the power of NO! People who are innovative and self-made because there really is no box. Let’s take Richard Branson – dyslexic, minimum education rebellious but artistic, a dreamer with persistence and determination.

My advice is listen to the inner you and believe the impossible is possible – Mastermind because movers and shakers, are the disrupters and the innovators that shape the future.

Kaitlen:  What do you consider are the main values necessary to thrive in the 21st Century?

Elayne:  Self-awareness is the recognition of your skills and weakness that is empowering; in the words of Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Don’t abandon yourself be inspired, listen, learn, control your opinions and believe surround yourself with likeminded people and be passionate.

Kaitlen:  What advice do you have for modern mums and young business career women going forward?

Elayne:  You need to be a trailblazer with a heart; keep true to your core values and never stop learning.  Be true to yourself, be brave! You will not be a leader until you love yourself. Always take time for your family and those important to you treat people fairly and with respect. If you are genuine then you will attract genuine and success will follow. Selflessness has a wonderful ripple effect.

Kaitlen:  Elayne, congratulations on your success.  I love that you are my friend and one of the strong influencers in my life. Thank you for your time.



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