Meet Elayne

I am a very proud Queenslander (Australia) the daughter of a pioneering bush aviator (private pilot)! My childhood was amazing as with my Daddy we flew throughout outback Australia on a monthly basis. As most of you can imagine survival in the “bush” is always number 1 priority so I learnt from a very young age the importance of obedience, minimalism and resourcefulness!
Perfect self-development in one way although silence has often been taken as arrogance and few people believe I can actually do a vehicle grease and oil change or make a radiator gasket from a cereal box.
Aaah resourcefulness.
So as you can see my path into personal development began at a young age. I’m a graduate of the university of life; a city girl who travelled the Australian outback, went to boarding school for five years as a 12 year old and loved it! Yes I loved the structure and routine and of course the social interaction of girls. Lifelong friendships were made during those five years; with six of us still in regular contact forty years later.
Relationships and communication is what life is about so after almost twenty years of being an MLMer’s “handbag” it’s time for me to take my journey improve my skills and myself and find my direction in life.
As a mother to five now strong, successful and compassionate young adults I do know that I’m a good listener such an important skill as we all want to be HEARD. People tell me their secrets, they like me and trust me they feel my humanity.
Now Master Key Master Mind Alliance ….. I am on a mission and you will soon figure it out if you stay tuned ….


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