Master Key Experience – Week 23

Commencement – The New Beginning.  Thanks MarkJ and all the wonderful team of MKMMA2017, yes that is also you and me, we the students.  We have all been persistent, no opinions, sat in silence, showed kindness but most of all we have realised that we are all nature’s greatest miracle with a gift to give to the universe.

We have become masters of our emotions, we know what to do – replace the old habits with the new habits and we are (becoming)self-reliant.  What a sense of freedom to trust yourself and understand the Law of Least Effort, the quiet calm and the positive self talk.

The happiness factor is more apparent now, it’s funny really to notice how tense others become when they feel the pressures of the universe.  People really do look at me weird when I listen to them with no opinion and simply ask questions to help them look at the situation a little differently and find a solution.  My personal growth has amazed me in that I don’t take on other people’s negativity or anger.

I’ve created new habits, acceptance that we are all different and contribute what we feel is necessary back to the universe.  Only I am responsible for my success, make the time and view any obstacle as an opportunity to learn. I do my best no matter what, do not measure my best against any one else.

We all have a light to shine and I am liberated to start shining my light – more brightly than ever before.

The road is never easy but we either do the hard now or we live the hard later.  I know the past twenty-three weeks have had some hard but I’m already feeling the benefits.  The choice was made almost six months ago for me what about you?

Take a quiet moment, a day or three ……. SILENCE isn’t empty it’s full of the answers.





6 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 23

  1. Yay, we’ve made it this far and continuing onward, it definitely has been an amazing journey. Thank you for a beautiful blog of summarizing your journey. I am very blessed to walk though this path with you and many others!

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      1. Yes, indeed, it has been an amazing journey that we embarked and continuing on. Let’s continue to press on toward to mastering our mind to live out our life the fullest. It has been a great pleasure going through this journey together. Blessings on your journey!


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