Master Key Experience – Week 22 & 22a

What’s shaping your world?  This has been a reflective period for me which has greatly supported my decision to overcome my fear and take action.  As Wallace Wattle highlights in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” knowledge without action serves little purpose.

I’ve realised how much these past months of replacing old habits with new has impacted and remoulded me (possibly for the first time) to be me.  It’s time to live MY life and follow MY core values not model myself on my heroes they are my heroes because they can do what they are good at; I am my own hero!  I am natures greatest miracle – there is only one me!

The magic question – What would the person I want to become do?

Pondering this has caused a plethora of emotions; fear, anger, frustration, depression but most of all conscious personal change. Identifying where I was is not where I want to be …. move over subby you are NOT the winner, you are being retrained no matter how much you may rebel.  Silence! replace old habits with new.  Oh the dark few days that followed these dreadful emotions???

Subby the future is here and I am resisting you old habits that you keep challenging me with!  I’m grateful for what you have presented and I (during my silence with strong mental approach) have now energised into positive miracles.  Yes I now take the time to identify and give thanks for those daily miracles which do really happen and I didn’t previously acknowledge.

Fear is anger turned inwards so I have used that to energise my consciousness and empathise with those who inflict their anger upon me as being their journey not mine.

Authentic connections is our strength in life; our reputation, be true to yourself and do no harm to others.

Roses or Rust? mine is roses. Life is good.





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