Master Key Experience – Week 21

Cause and effect; Know who you are and who you want to be – in the wonderful two words of MarkJ “Do it”.

Come on now when we are developing new skills what do we hear via self-talk, family or friends – “go on have a go”.  Now admittedly sometime we are being encouraged for the wrong reasons (you know the ones, those “friends” who want us to get into difficulties) but we generally “have a go”, yes we “do it”.

We feel good, happy times or we learn a lesson.

Lessons are powerful; subby learns habits but we must be sure to learn good habits to progress and develop and continue to look forward not backwards.  Observe, and learn the right lessons, copy the right habits, the habits of the people who are what we want to be.  For me these people are the calm, confident, peaceful and humble people who simply influence.I am

Personally this has been a good week being a conscious observer and taking the time for some self reflection.  I’ve silently used the question “What would the person I’d like to be do?”.  Most of the time asking this question has resulted in a positive and calmer result.  Of course the week has NOT been all happy & harmonious but I must be true to myself and remain strong in my self belief (because I am nature’s greatest miracle, as are all of us).  I’ve realised I must not be stubborn but efficient and disciplined to a proven success plan and be confident in my own judgement to say “no that is not in my plan at the moment, however if you need to do that then that’s OK by me.”

Heros Journey

Feel the plan.  See the plan.  Plan the doing.

Yes we live the life we choose; this week has been a good reminder to choose to be happy, kind and grateful and the universe is kinder to us.  Life’s miracles happen everywhere and everyday just choose to acknowledge, embrace and enjoy them and share the love.

Thank you universe for granting me this wondrous life.




3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 21

  1. Elayne, sorry it has taken me so long to get to your page. You have laid out the law of our Universe. Cause and Effect. It is so true I love you put yourself into it. I relate to What would the future me do. It was a good reminder for me. Loved seeing you out at the beach.


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