Master Key Experience – Week 19

3 posesThe Universal mind is our master we must feed and nurture it shape ourselves via this magnificent tool that has control over our muscular system.  Are you listening subby – the power of the mindweaving ……

Power pose helps to build confidence and reduces your stress.  What is your power pose?

Powerpose cup


7 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 19

    1. Thank you Esther. It seems we connect very well I feel blessed that you follow my blog and we are enjoying our MKMMA journey together. Safe travels on this amazing discovery my friend.


  1. Two sides to the power pose, one, the projection we cast with our dominant physical stance, the other we must have first, the quiet relaxed pose we assume when receiving power (the sit). Thanks Elayne!, I did not have this thought before reading your post.

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  2. Thank you Frank for your comment, your words are so powerful in reaffirming the importance of being in control of subby (the sit). The pause and the strength of thought on the exhale of our breath.


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