Master Key Experience – Week 17 & 17HJ

Gumnut BabiesThese past two weeks have highlighted the impact this whole journey has had on me; and what perfect timing it is as we continue to study Scroll IV – “I am nature’s greatest miracle”.

Yes life is about event timing, some of us embrace those events whilst others totally miss what is being offered (thank you universe, the people who love and believe in me and the MKMMA event).  I’ve learnt that your heart is your authenticity, it guides your spirit gives meaning to your resolve and holds the power to break barriers and build bridges. My gratefulness is bubbling over enabling me to truly relate to the power  of “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. I’m smiling so much more and noticing how I deflect any negatives that appear along the path; they belong to another’s journey.Be yourself

The highlight I mentioned earlier in short – I was at a girlfriend’s event and after the event a mutual girlfriend asked her “Is that Elayne?  I didn’t recognise her” #gratitude

I have let go of the banana, chipped off massive chunks of cement and my universe is exploding.  The exhilaration I’m feeling is beyond explanation. I’m following my core values and fulfilling my “dash” in life.  You know your legacy and achievements (you hope) people recall when they speak about the years between the date of your birth and the date of your passing – those “dash” years.

Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that I’ve yet found my complete purpose but I am finding the authentic me.  Do you think Subby likes this? Well Subby is definitely complaining and doesn’t like loosing the control! my body even managed to rebel to try and drag me back by becoming very sick with an immunity/allergy rash.  WOW how powerful is that old Subby? (I am strong) and regained control replacing old habits with new habits.

So, I believe I’ve been through the first three stages now: –

  1. Denial – I’ve finally realised I was trying to live my life the way others expected me to. No more will memories decide my future! I now start my day with a 30minute reflection which determines the quality of the next twenty-three and a half hours.
  2. Anger – Oh yes I definitely released anger … anger/frustration for not being good enough, imposing that onto those who love me.  Replaced now with some wonderful words – thank you, I’m grateful, I love you.  Works like a charm and Subby is even smiling!
  3. Grief – The tears have definitely flowed these past couple of weeks; frustration, pain, annoyance even tears of fear.  Subby doesn’t like change …
  4. Acceptance – Success is appearing, small wins have happened, courageous actions taken.  The plan of commitment is drawn and ready to be followed.  There may be some trips and stumbles along the way but I know with the mastermind team and continued Subby training the cement will keep falling away. #gratitude

Goodbye bad habits. Hello good habits.

Time to be selfish and take those sits, do the reads and go for a walk.  Fresh air and exercise is important to a good attitude, a healthy mind and body.

I am


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