Master Key Experience – Week 16

#kindness_RAKThis week has been a week of reminders of the self perpetuating good habits.  Remembering with emotion this week’s four extra gratitude cards with one of three things missing – symbols, the dates or gratitude. Brain gymnastics for self-accountability = success.  Training subby to see it as if it’s already happened; correct habits really only take five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.

When you’re feeling good you’re attracting what you want; Isn’t that what kindness is all about, the feel good?  We all want to feel good, right? No opinions just kindness, something few of us seem to do but it is definitely worth the effort.

As it is summer holidays down here in Australia most of us are taking road trips either to the beach or off to camping spots or simply day outings with the family. So for me playing “spot the kindness” whilst walking the path of life this week has been filled with the power of open childlike observation similar to that which I engaged playing mind games whilst traversing this great country with my parents. Some days we drove for 8-10 hours on dusty tracks in non air-conditioned cars without seeing another vehicle; it was for Dad’s work and it was our “family holiday” – I was happy and the country folks we met were so kind to us (very happy to have visitors).  They felt good and we felt good.

So it’s been a good week, a combination of self admission – I’m not always as kind as I thought I was and a decision to replace my thoughts of kindness with actions of kindness.  I remembered how loved and respected my Dad was by everyone and I remembered he always helped people, picked up hitchhikers, fixed windmills when we visited outback stations even gave our lawnmower to the man down the street (who he didn’t really like but no opinion just kindness).  I’ve embraced my Dad’s memory and exercised the muscle in my eye and seen goodness in the world, opened a few doors for people, given specific directions to lost people (I work in shopping centres) and noticed children helping their Mothers, people stopping and letting me enter or exit an elevator before them but more than just kindness I’ve seen happiness.  Yes kindness is reflected back as us.

Life is good and we are all just a piece in a jigsaw puzzle.  We are all whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy; we are all here for a purpose.


heart mouse kindness





7 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 16

  1. Ken

    Knowing the Australian out back as I do with the solid blokes that knocked about the bush in those days I find your post authentic and fascinating well done. I’m looking forward to further good old Aussie yarns.
    Thank You.

    Liked by 1 person

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