Master Key Experience – Week 15

2018 Bris

The New Year, the new month, the new scroll, the makeover is half over ….. oh what a moment in time this is.  Perfect timing for Scroll IV which proclaims that “I am nature’s greatest miracle”.

The good habits are being formed, the brain and subby is responding to the training and I’m grateful for the positive changes that the universe is presenting into my life. How are you feeling as you enter into your new year?  I know I am courageous and ready to focus on my ability to mastermind and manifest the best possible future for me and those I love.

Awareness is the beginning of change and this week has seen the introduction of  our “Franklin Makeover” exercise.  A little self-assessment (not a New Year resolution) time to acknowledge and identify strengths and strengthen our weaknesses in order to become the very best we can be.

No problems as I am already “nature’s greatest miracle” there is only one of me.  Believe!


7 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 15

    1. It’s quite a journey isn’t it Troy but then that is why we are here; to be a better version of ourselves. May your future only be filled with good habits and success.


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