Master Key Experience – Week 14

no opinion

Hello Family – Yes I am perfect, I am focused, I have a plan. No opinion necessary, I am the silent observer.


This week has been identifying the four little habits that we actually do every day …. yes that’s right we really are perfect and we already do the four little habits;


Family Christmas gatherings require a plan so for me the planning and masterminding started weeks ago. Everyone knew what they were to bring to contribute to the 2017Christmasfestivities. The day went smoothly and was filled with happiness and laughter in the garden under the trees – 90degrees in the shade!

The four tiny habits ensured the day was a success. Perfect!

After the buzz of the big day it was time to settle in and watch the movie/s. I watched four of them, October Sky, Door to Door, Cool Runnings and Rudy. Now my favourite of these is Rudy – WOW! Rudy had, for me, every emotion and tiny habit.

The absolute focus of him, the dogged determination, his belief in himself totally empowered him. Rudy is the perfect story of success via believing / knowing you are the best you can be, his mind is closed to any negatives. He had an ability to mastermind forming an alliance with people of influence who were able to offer assistance enabling him to proceed toward his goal.

Rudy knew he was, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.




3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 14

  1. Kindred spirit here Elayne. I found Rudy to be the perfect example of the Four Tiny Habits. Not so tiny I’d say. That was the first of the movies I was drawn to and it served to reinforce my determination to follow the path I was on by being faithful to the MKMMA process.


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