Master Key Experience – Week 11


BrainThe Great Universal Mind.
Do NOT Accept Failure! Do NOT Accept Excuses! Do NOT Give Up!
There is no limitation in life – What are you allowing to limit your life? (Are they your own old habits?)

We have had eleven weeks now of MKMMA education and if we have followed and taken action, taken personal responsibility for our own life / time management / commitment to ourselves then subby has become retrained and is providing feedback to us and we are being intrinsically rewarded. Yes we can create the life we want; the “life within creates the life without” – be grateful, have no opinion and smile (the Gal in the Mirror will smile back at you).Trust in Yourself

I’m loving the sits – the energy of meditation has now granted me the pleasure to be the gap where ALL is possible the noise of the world shuts down. This is where I AM my DMP – I AM the Gal in the Mirror, the Universal energy is blessing me with the fruits of my vision my commitment.  Persistence to the 4 tiny habits, understanding the message provide rewards in all areas of life.

I’m definitely finding and identifying my inner strength, emotionally strong in times of hardship, better able to communicate without taking on-board others’ negative influences, more focused on my masterplan however able to mastermind and communicate better with my mentors. The habit of persistence is lifting fog of  confusion.



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