Master Key Experience – Week 10

A circuit must be formed.

I seem to be stuck this week so chose to review the past 10weeks before I wrote my blog. So I stayed focused and watched each week’s introduction videos and supplements … BAM! This is why I’m here to learn about me! (how can I contribute if I’ve no idea who I am)

Stop, sit and listen (Spiritual power is superior) …. listen to the stillness the plan, the DMP, listen to the peptides it is my life and I am in control. The world gives what it receives. I’m mesmerised by week4 supplement YouTube – what the bleep do we know; I’ve watched it so many times now.
A bit like the laws governing electricity we either benefit if used correctly or suffer if we violate it – Line 16 “A lack of understanding of the laws governing in the invisible world has the same result and many are suffering the consequences all the time”
It’s time to take action and reset the old connections, replace the memories in the frontal lobe – my struggle with this week is starting to make sense to me; subby is rebelling again.Pineapple Image

Aaah! Now to straighten myself out and realise how far I have come. Recognise the things that already exist; the little changes and adaptations; the lightness I feel and the happiness from within – of course I’m not saying there are not tough days but I manage myself so much better. Oh and what a powerful tool “No Opinion” is ….

“Knowledge does not grant success there must be action”.

Thank you MKMMA world.



6 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 10

  1. Thanks Esther and Terry for your kind words and the time you take to visit my blog. Persistence is definitely in me and the universe is reminding me of what needs to be done. It’s like when you purchase a car it seems “everyone” suddenly has that same brand of car ….. for me each book I read is telling the same story, cultivate the universal qualities; Love, compassion, acceptance and discipline.
    Are you feeling the changes and seeing the shapes too?


  2. You re digging in deep, Elayne. No wonder I read great progress in your weekly blogs.

    I also went back and read all the lessons this week but, I shifted “the sit” for “the lay down.” Meh, didn’t quite felt it, back to the chair for me.

    Also, the struggle is REAL!! But good news, its only a revealer of the progress! YAAYYY



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