Master Key Experience – Week 9

OK coach MarkJ stop playing in my brain! Are we “humans” so predictable? Listening to your introduction for week 9 was music to my ears and the inspiration to “kick subby” and keep on this fantastic journey. Thank you MKMMA and all that is happening within.

Yes this week has become quite the “hump” time for me and the old subby is screaming for control again “No No No stop it – I will NOT be re-trained” Anyway after a few days of doing very little I gave myself a little chat “suck it up princess”
Catch up Get up Do it
(with emotion)
So here we grow again; move along subby and get with the program that Gal in the Mirror is awesome and love her! She is a survivor.
Get over myself and put up the shapes; mess is such an aggravation to me that I took them down but after watching this week’s webinar and Mark’s introduction I realised it was subby and the old habit is screaming for survival. In the immortal words of Lady Macbeth “out damm spot
* the shapes are up
* The Gal in the Mirror is back on the mirror
* Walking daily again with the weekly audios playing
* 30mins quiet daily sit with the introduction trailer playing

BAM! Fork in the road crossed and up up and away (with emotion)

Brain is engaged the future is bright and the bridge over troubled waters strengthens every day.


2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 9

  1. Hi Elayne, I love your about story, and your posts certainly reflect that can do attitude! I am getting acquainted with our tribe members, and reading blogs. I also have maintained friendships since my youth as an explorer scout, and just recently found myself backpacking the Catskill mountains for a weekend with 2 of them. We joked about muscle memory, and how we can still carry full packs around for days, but the truth is we are slower (all in our 50’s now). Anyway, the overcome the obstacles attitude, serves us well, and I am really pleased to find that spirit in your experience! It’s on my bucket list to travel in your part of the world! Stay encouraged, keep blogging, Its a fascinating journey, Frank.


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