Master Key Experience – Week 7

Let me ponder my progress here, my ROI. (a little chin rubbing) Mmmmm- well let me say “I feel good!!

Seven weeks of mental gymnastics ….. and this is only the preparation for the rest of our life. WOW definitely not the same ill-fated approach that so many of us engage in when we decide we are going to do some personal development/re invent ourselves – what is the one thing that is going to help me? Well that is taking control of “subby” and grazing on the mental diet daily.
Of course there are challenges but that is to be expected and embraced as part of the change. I guess for me there are other environmental choices that may be required. Now don’t get me wrong here but I seem to have noticed an increasing chasm between some people that I associate with. So with love and respect for myself and my time management the creation of the “zfile” has begun.
No opinions here simply a decision made. – Do it now! (x 3 with emotion)
So the brain and “subby” are in gear I just have to work on finding “emotion” I guess we are all different for a reason – yes it makes us interesting and individual.
So for me it’s time for a large sprinkle of emotional fairy dust into my being as that seems to be the most difficult obstacle in the last seven weeks.
What has been your obstacle?


3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience – Week 7

  1. Wow, noticing an increased chasm in your associations is critical, it’s like now we are more aware of the meaning of things, relationships included.

    Also a great week for me and noticed the relevance of connections in my life.



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