Master Key Experience – Week 6

RainbowSkinny WOW the first cusp week, month one completed!
A point of transition between two different states – The month has been filled with the retraining of the subconscious mind (the power within). Slowing and using purposefully the never ending self-talk; Oh and the conscious self control of “NO opinions” LOL not one of the self control qualities I am known for especially by my children but I am actually enjoying the pause I now take to listen more closely to what people are actually saying. For me my ears are hearing a constructive universe an energised world with like minded people going in a positive direction.
The poem The Girl in the Glass is so eloquent I have copies of it around home. I even made a bookmark with it on – Yes Elayne Asher “I do love you” powerful stuff subby keep on listening ’cause “I will form good habits and become their slave” …..
The magnetic field is being energised. The electricity is being connected. The two electrical organs of the body (the heart and the brain) are talking to each other.
With this profound knowledge it makes one wonder what was ruling our lives, and if we had the knowledge twenty years ago and were in control of our life where would we be today. So what have you (the royal you) been allowing to rule your life?
Great question Elayne.



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