Master Key Experience – Week 5

GirlfriendsOops is that an Opinion? Well what a week this has been quite the challenge for this little “control freak”! I have been giggling along to and with myself the whole time as I take a deep breath rather that have an opinion. The good news is my self chatter is now declining and I seem to be much more focused on the tasks at hand; my attention span seems to be increasing.
I so enjoy the 20minutes or so of stillness each day this has been one of the best experiences so far for me. So my process is simply find my special spot of the floor watching our beautiful fish tank, focus on the fish then still my breathing feeling the tingling of the oxygen travelling through my veins – oooh the bliss! Body still mind relaxed now I play the recording for the week. What a perfect way for me to start each day.

It’s been quite a brain gym week lots of fun reading the colours aloud with others I think my friends think I have gone a little crazy but they have seen nothing yet! So a couple of girlfriends have been kind enough to play the colours game with me and even try to sit still and silent for 15minutes but ask girls to not have an opinion well now that is something else …
All I know is that my cement is dropping everyday and I seem to finish more tasks daily than ever before. Strolling down tranquillity lane with a smile on my face and a quiet tongue in my head listening sssh listening and observing.put your feet up


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