Master Key Experience -Week 4

 “I can be what I will to be” the mantra for this week has always been part of my the eyebeing; I just lost my way but now I am rediscovering this very
empowering strength.
The stilling of the body and mind is so enjoyable I’m totally enjoying it! I guess all those hours of silence in boarding school compulsory study time has finally proved an asset for food discipline. For me I use this stillness to quietly play the weekly recordings which are a little over twenty minutes anyway – so feeding “subby” whilst silencing the conscious mind. Tag I win!!
This week my service (chore) is actually filled with love and gratefulness – I have always appreciated my life but have never taken the time to journal gratefulness and give thanks. The seat of habit has now commenced and two positive events are being journaled daily; oooh daily reflection and giving thanks feels soooo gooood. The acknowledgement of a deep love for humanity and my soul cleansing and emotional rawness is amazing. It must be that authentic me popping it’s head up!
Absolutely loving this journey of unlocking emotion; the lights are coming on in the powerhouse!!
* Blue rectangles / billboards
* Red spots / traffic signals
* Green squares / gardens
What things have you experienced this week? I’d love to hear. Please feel free to leave me a comment below.


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