Master Key Experience – Week 3

 scary-smile-700x420 This week has been unsettling and highlighted all the cement I have to work through; the good news is the cracks are appearing. Success! I’ve learnt that indecision and procrastination is “subby” rebelling against change. Oh yes that inner child is throwing a little tantrum – I have a chat to myself “STOP it “subby” we have new habits and this is what we are doing”. (Back on track) Routine is happening and I’m loving it! Perfect influence as we read (3 times) daily Scroll 1 in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World. “Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin…”
Oooh the passion now in the words as I read them aloud; no need to shout just feel the energy of the emotion in the words being spoken.

Then reflect and visualise my DMA and off to sleep. changing minds
Yes this is all coming together, growth, recognition to self, a little step backwards, the struggle with some of the bad habits but then a red spot appears to remind me of my promise – Winner! Back on track again.
Our awesome coach organised a zoom call this week so now we have been able to meet the tribe. What fun! The hour passed ever so quickly; face to face and all admitting to our struggles and claiming successes too.
What a journey this is; we are not alone the almighty energy is there all the time. How’s your week been?


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