Master Key Experience – Week 2

Who am I
So this week “subby” has been a little bothersome but that tells me I am creating changes and the rebel in my subconscious is shouting out stop!. Staying focused on the new habit from within that is the strength for progress, following the steps and feeling the emotion. Repeat the new habit “empowering from within and changing the world without – Do it Now”.
I really liked the exercise of finding my PersonalPivotalNeeds but then having to include those into my DMP with minute detail now that really created an argument! Having said that I am ready so let the journey begin for me to find the real me not the manufactured me, the one that lived up to everyone else’s needs. Let’s see what my Guide has to say about my revised DMP.
I’m loving the mind and body stillness exercise now that is a winner. I am enjoying the routine that is being created into my life and the inner calmness that is slowly appearing. This calmness is influencing conversations with family and friends, it’s quite amazing how suddenly the topic of the moment is now goals and there are questions like “where would you like to be in 3 to 5 years”.


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